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IQF = individual frozen products
Amaranth Peru
Anise seed Turkey
Apple dried with/without skin Turkey, Chile
Apricot halves/dices IQF Turkey, China
Apricot kernels bitter/sweet Turkey
Apricot dried diced/whole Turkey
Asparragus IQF cuts/tips China, Chile
Basil crushed leaves organic Egypt
Bay (laurel) leaves hand picked Turkey
Beans (cranberry/white/green/mung/kidney, etc.) Canada, China
Blackberries wild/cultivated IQF Chile, China
Blueberries IQF Chile
Boletus lacteus in brine Chile, China
Boletus luteus dried/in brine Chile, China
Boletus luteus IQF Chile, China
Boysenberries IQF Chile
Brazil nuts without shell Bolivia
Broccoli florets IQF Guatemala, China, Ecuador
Brussel sprouts IQF Guatemala, China
Buckwheat Canada, China
Bulgur Turkey
Calendulae Egypt
Canned fruits China, Turkey
Caraway seeds Egypt
Cardamom seeds Guatemala
Carrot IQF China
Cauliflower IQF China
Celery IQF China
Chamomile (flower, finecut, powder) Egypt, Argentina
Cherries sweet dark IQF Chile
Chick peas Canada, China, Turkey
Chili powder Egypt, Pakistan, India
Coffee beans Bolivia, Guatemala
Cumin seeds Egypt, Turkey
Dill (crush, seeds) Egypt
Fennel seeds Egypt, Turkey
Fenugreek seeds Turkey
Figs dried Egypt, Turkey
Flax (linseed) (brown/yellow/golden) Canada, Argentina, USA
Garlic (powder/slices) Egypt
Garlic IQF Egypt
Grapes red flame seedless IQF Chile
Grapes white seedless IQF Chile
Hazelnuts Turkey
Hibuscus flowers (whole/cut) Guatemala, Sudan
Honey Argentina, Turkey, Chile
Hypericum (St. John's worth) Chile, Argentina, Turkey
Kiwi slices with/without skin IQF Chile
Laurel leaves (bay leaves) Turkey
Leek slices/dices IQF Turkey, China
Lemmon grass Egypt
Lentils (Eston, Richlea, etc.) Canada
Licorice whole Egypt
Linden flowers China
Macadamia nuts Guatemala, Costa Rica
Maize plata (flint) Argentina
Majoran Egypt
Mango dices/slices IQF Guatemala, Peru
Melon honey dew/cantaloupe IQF Guatemala, China
Melon kernels China
Millet Canada, Argentina, USA
Mushrooms dried and IQF China, Chile
Nigella seed Turkey
Oats Canada
Onions dried powder/IQF Egypt, China
Onion slices IQF China
Oregano Chile, Turkey
Paprika sweet powder Egypt
Parsley (crush, leaves, seeds) Egypt
Pea pods IQF Guatemala, China
Peas Canada, China
Pears IQF Chile
Pepper red/green dices/stripes/whole IQF Turkey, China
Peppermint (leaves, crush, powder) Egypt
Pinenut kernels Turkey, China
Pineapple IQF Guatemala, Costa Rica, Thailand
Popcorn Argentina
Poppy seed blue and white Turkey
Prunes dried with/without pot. sorbate Chile, Argentina
Prunes dried industrial grade Chile
Pumpkin seeds China
Quinua Real Bolivia
Raisins golden/flame seedless Chile, Argentina
Raisins Thompson seedless Chile, Argentina
Raspberries IQF Chile
Romanesco IQF Guatemala, China
Rosehips shells (fine cut/whole/powder) Chile, Argentina
Rosehips virgin oil Chile
Rubus palmatus leaves China
Sesame seeds natural and hulled 99,9% Guatemala, India, Peru
Soybeans food and feed grade Canada, China, Argentina
Spearmint 4mm-10mm (crush, powder) Egypt
Split peas green and yellow Canada, Turkey, Denmark
Strawberries IQF China, Turkey
Sugar powder (cane refined) Guatemala, Brazil
Sugar snaps IQF Guatemala, China
Sultanas Turkey, Argentina
Sunflower kernels hulled confection Argentina
Sunflower kernels hulled top (packers) Argentina
Sunflower kernels inshell Argentina
Sunflower kernels hulled bakery China, USA
Sunflower chips Argentina
Sunflower kernels hulled dark bird food Argentina
Sunflower kernels inshell striped bird food Argentina
Sunflower kernels oil quality Argentina
Thyme (Thymian) Egypt, Turkey
Tomatoes dried/IQF Egypt, Turkey
Walnuts Chile, China
Wheat Canada, Argentina, USA
Zucchini IQF China

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